Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Older lang syne

I found my backup discs from a few years back. Here are a few from the archives. My camera at this time was a small, inexpensive point and shoot camera.

December 2007. I like bathrooms with tacky or stereotypical wallpaper. This photo makes me think of an American Autopilot or American Dream Autopilot that gets turned on and then we decorate accordingly, vacation accordingly, shop accordingly, medicate accordingly.

December 2007. This is a friend who came to my high school for a year and then moved away, which is sad because we clicked pretty fast.

January 2008. Another "Jaded by Suburbia" shot haha, self portrait this time.

March 2008. Playing around with juxtapositions.

June 2008. Mashed up a photo of my face with a photo of my Stepdad's face that were really similairly angled haha.

That is all for disc one.