Friday, August 5, 2011

Picking up a carcass

Those are reprints that I had made because the photo lab didn't print them. I wanted them to reprint exactly what was on the index because I loved the mash up that was caused by the film not being run through correctly:

 but I guess the film didn't run the same way when they did it again. That is why I wish Target photo lab would stop leaving out prints from my film that they feel are not proper photos! Often I am missing prints that are on the index that show sun glare or discoloration. But of course I love those flaws! Who wouldn't?? I don't feel that it is their job to decide what prints are good enough to keep.
So anyway, I tried to make one that looks like the photo on the index-

In these photos I was going to get my car, the blue one there which had broken down in the middle of the night on the interstate the night before, towed by AAA.

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