Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Flower Lady

This is Myrtle, the lady who owns the flower house, a house I have been obsessed with for years (the entire sidewalk and porch is covered with fake flowers and it stays that way year around.) I met her by chance today and got to see the inside of her house when I helped her carry shopping bags, which she was lugging around in the sweltering heat. She lives right up from downtown and walks down to the thrift stores all the time. Her ENTIRE house is covered in fake flowers, stuffed animals, figurines, vases, pictures, statues, etc.
It is the most awesomely interesting house I have ever seen. She is 83 and has lived there for 15 years.
Of course she has flowers in the built-in vase on her VW Bug dashboard.


  1. This lady is awesome and so is her house! Great pictures

  2. What a beautiful rug on the wall too.